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The next meeting of the Garner Lake Association Board is 7pm, Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at I. H. Park clubhouse, 4523 Canada Road.  Only membrs may vote, but the meeting and is open to all.


Notice of GLA Annual Meeting

To all current members of Garner Lake Homeowners Association (GLA)



Notice of Annual Meeting



The Annual Meeting of the Garner Lake Homeowners Association (GLA) will be held at 7pm, Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at the IH Clubhouse, 4523 Canada Road, Lakeland TN.


This is a very important meeting as we transition management of the lake from LMA to Garner Lake Management, LLC.  Items to be approved by the members include adoption of a Re-stated Charter for GLA, amending and re-stating the By Laws, and the GLM Operating Agreement and other items that may properly come before the membership.


Only active GLA members may vote, one vote per paid membership.


The Board will answer your questions to the best of our ability at this time.  Please try to attend.


Future official notices will be sent via emailPlease provide a valid email address to or include on your 2018 GLA renewal form so that you will be notified.

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LAKE RULES... Have you read them?  You must be familiar with and abide by the Rules or you could be banned from the lake.  The Official Rules are on this website on the page Rules of the Lake.

LAKE STAGE       February 14, 2018     +8.0" its most recent peak on March 10, 2016 the lake was +21.0".
The lake stage is based on the overflow at the weir on the west end of the dam.  Zero is the level at which water will begin to flow over the lip of the weir.  -6.0 means the lake must rise 6 inches to reach the lip of the weir.  +6.0 would mean the water will continue to flow into the weir until the lake level drops 6 inches.  (This information will be updated from time to time, but not necessarily daily or weekly.)

* Note: Weather information below is current.  It is updated every three seconds.  The weather station is located in Lakeland Estates.  This information will NOT display properly on iPhones/iPads since the app requires Flash and Apple does not support Flash.

iPhone & iPad users can download a free app from the App Store called Thermo-Hygrometer which uses the current information from this site.


Click on above link for several views of live radar for this area.

4th of July Fireworks are scheduled for
Saturday June 30, 2018.

Garner Lake Fireworks organizers have notified us of next year's date for the fireworks.
  Information regarding donations is available at or join their open group on Facebook for information about the show.

Our Lake Ranger is Officer Robby Beard.  His phone number is (901) 218-8840.
If you see "outsider boats" or other Rules violations on the lake, please notify the lake ranger (901) 218-8840.  Your cooperation helps all of us by keeping the lake private and safe for all.